General rental conditions

The tenant must use the premises for the concluded for which it was intended. The rental agreement signed between two parties may under no circumstances benefit third parties other than those mentioned at the time of booking, unless otherwise agreed in writing by “Coco Bungalows”.
A rental agreement is for a fixed period. Under no circumstances does it accord any right to remain in the premises at the end of the fixed reservation period.

The maximum number of tenants per bungalow is two people unless otherwise agreed in advance by "Coco Bungalows".
Coco Bungalows reserves the right to refuse additional tenant(s) or to terminate the rental agreement without compensation and refund. In the event of agreement for a further person, the rental price shall be increased as determined by the management team.

Pets are not allowed on the site.

The rental price includes using the air conditioning from 6pm until 8am. The door and windows (bedroom, toilet and shower) must be closed if the air conditioner is used. Be careful with the remote control, for your information their replacement cost is 100 €.
In the event of changes to the above air conditioning timetable, without prior agreement from the owner, an additional charge of 10 € per day may be charged. The same additional charge is incurred when using the air conditioning with the door or windows wide open.

Upon the customer’s arrival, a deposit of 200 € shall be payable. This deposit covers any damage to the equipment and any bungalow repair and maintenance costs.
On arrival, this deposit shall be “pre-authorized” on guests’ credit cards and shall be cancelled 48 hours after the end-of-stay inspection. Before claiming the pre-authorized 200 €, the owner undertakes to inform the tenant by email of the amount claimed and the reasons. Should the two parties disagree, the owner reserves the right to collect part or all of the pre-authorized deposit. The tenant hereby undertakes to pay any supplement in the event whereby the 200 € deposit is not sufficient.

Upon departure, the tenant undertakes to leave the bungalow in the same condition as he found it upon arrival. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, cleaning costs of 40 € shall be deducted from the deposit mentioned in Article 5 (unless a cleaning package has been offered free of charge or included in the rental price).
An inventory check shall be made by a representative of the establishment at the beginning and end of the rental period. All missing or damaged items shall be subject to a deduction from the deposit or to invoicing in the event that the deposit is less than the replacement or repair costs. The owner shall inform the tenant in advance by email of the reasons and the cost of any damage found.

7/1 – Pre-Payment
A reservation shall be confirmed as soon as the tenant has sent “Coco Bungalows” a pre-payment equalling 30% of the total amount. This pre-payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card, or cheque made out to “SCI POINTE TROIS QUARTS” and sent to SCI POINTE TROIS QUARTS at 52 Avenue du 8 Mai 1945, 95200 Sarcelles.
7/2 - The Balance
The balance of the rental shall be sent to the above-mentioned address a few days before the beginning of the stay, either by bank transfer or by cheque, or paid on arrival, in cash or credit card when the keys to the accommodation are handed over.

Any cancellation must be notified by email or registered letter. (The date of receiving this letter is the starting point)
8/1 - For cancellation notified at least 30 days before the start of the rental period :
The pre-payment shall be returned to the tenant upon simple and justified request.
8/2 - For cancellation notified less than 30 days before the start of the rental period :
The pre-payment shall be retained by the institution.
8/3 - Early Termination of a Stay by the Client :
In the event of early-termination by the client, no refund shall be made. As soon as the tenant leaves, the accommodation becomes available for rent again.
8/4 - Coco Bungalows cannot be held responsible in the event whereby they have to cancel a stay, or whereby a stay is interrupted due to a natural disaster or to any other event beyond its control, nor for the consequences of that cancellation. Payments already made cannot be refunded and no compensation may be requested.

The internet is available to holidaymakers free of charge throughout the “Coco Bungalows” area. The network name and password are specified on the information leaflet in each bungalow.
Illegal downloads are prohibited. In the event of an alert by “HADOPI”, information about the user shall be provided to the organisation and any costs claimed shall be re-invoiced to the holidaymakers concerned.

Coco Bungalows draws its customers the attention to the possibility of taking out our insurance policy to cover the consequences of cancellation under certain conditions. Tenants’ personal objects are not covered by our insurance policy. Separate personal belonging insurance may be taken out.

In the case of disagreement with the management, complaint must be addressed to “Coco Bungalows” by registered letter with proof of receipt within eight days of the end of the stay.
Any disagreement concerning the description, the inspection or the inventory must be made to the management before the end of the second day of occupancy.

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