A Presentation of Guadeloupe (in a few words and photos)

Guadeloupe is the pearl of the Lesser Antilles, It is a paradise of lush greenery between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. A long time ago Guadeloupe was called "Karukéra", the island of beautiful waters. Now because of its shape, it is also called the "Butterfly", the Grande Terre and the Basse Terre form its two wings, separated by the Salt River.

Today Guadeloupe is a French overseas department and region which administrates Marie Galante, the Désirade, the Saintes and Petite Terre.

The capital town is Basse Terre. Pointe à Pitre is the economic centre of Guadeloupe. The population of Guadeloupe is about 450,000 inhabitants.

Agriculture plays an important economic role, especially sugar cane and banana plantations. Livestock and fishing complete this sector.

Tourism is developing rapidly. Grande Terre specialises in “seaside” tourism and Basse Terre in “green” tourism.

There are many tourist sites which should not be missed, on both the Grande and Basse Terre.

Here are some pictures we have taken around the area. We will be happy to tell you more during your next stay in our charming bungalows between Sainte-Rose and Deshaies, on Guadeloupe.

Kaouane island

Nogent beach

Crayfish Waterfall

Palm trees
Mangrove swamp
Dumanoir Alley

The Basse Terre is a hiking paradise with its many beautiful ridge and coastal tracks.
Along the leeward coast, the Pigeon Islets in Malendure, the Deshaies turtle area, Kawann, Tête à l'Anglais Islet and the coral reef in front of Sainte Rose are all famous scuba diving sites.

And then there are... the 1001 flavours !
"Lolos", (small local restaurants) serve fish, grilled lobster, boucané chicken, stuffed crabs, West Indian sausages, accras, crab matété, blaf, etc. All of this Creole cuisine is a real delight for the taste buds.

To start a good meal, what’s better than a "ti'punch" or "Planteur". Be careful, it's good, even very good, but its 50° go to your head very quickly !

The rum from Guadeloupe is among the best in the world.
There are no shortages of activities in “Gwada” and we will be here to help you make your choices. We want you to have an unforgettable stay on our island.


The Saintes

Tête à l'Anglais
Map of Guadeloupe
Pointe of the castles


Gate of Hell
La Soufrière


Palm trees

Sous-le-vent coast

Anse Nogent

Mangrove swamp


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